From Rockstar Aspirations to Painting Success // The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ron Rice

Listen in as we explore the intriguing journey of Ron Rice, owner of Ron Rice Painting. Discover how Ron transitioned from being an aspiring rockstar/DJ and part-time painter in college to becoming a successful painting contractor in San Diego. He opens up about the challenges he faced and the lessons learned while building his business. Ron's humility and constant hunger for growth make his story a compelling and inspirational one, providing valuable insights for anyone considering becoming a paint contractor, or any entrepreneur.

Our conversation takes you through the early years of Ron's painting business in California, highlighting the hurdles he had to overcome in a tough market. You'll hear about how Ron keeps his focus fluid between commercial projects to residential repaints and the decision to step away from being a painter himself to manage the growth of his company. Also, we explore the changes and evolution of his business model, from starting with just himself and an operations assistant to a fully functional crew.

The episode wraps up with an honest discussion about business growth, where Ron shares his weaknesses and how he relies on his team to stay organized. He emphasizes the importance of revenue and how he plans to grow his business by hiring more staff. We also touch on his experience with business coaching and how it has positively impacted his business. Overall, this episode provides a realistic and insightful view of entrepreneurship in the world of painting contracting. 

Thanks for listening, and thank you Ron for joining us!

About Ron:
Ron Rice, the owner of Ron Rice Painting & Consulting (RRPC), is a painting veteran with over 30 years of experience. In 1987, he started painting part-time while juggling college courses. He discovered that he had a knack for the craft of painting and enjoyed helping others reach their vision for their home and office projects. After a stint as a foreman for Woods Painting in Nashville, Tennessee, he ventured out on his own and started Changes Painting.
After his success in Nashville, Ron traded the cold winters of the Southeast for the endless sun of San Diego, and in late 2000, he founded Ron Rice Painting & Consulting. Since then, Ron and his team have completed thousands of jobs. From new construction to remodels to everything in between, Ron and his team would love to be your choice of professional painters in San Diego County. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver the best value in residential or commercial painting.
Family & the Community: Outside of the office, Ron dedicates time to family–his two amazing daughters, Machalla and Sadie; a beautiful granddaughter, Mila; his talented wife, Tori; and his rescued fur-kids–two dogs (Tigre and Blanco) and two cats (OC Freddie and Bowie). An active Rotarian, Ron sits on the board of his Rotary Club, La Mesa Sunrise Rotary, and can often be spotted around town doing service work. Sometimes you can find him onstage–either singing and playing guitar with his rock band, A Month of Sundays, or doing improv comedy at local clubs


Ron Rice Painting

Ron Rice shares his journey from aspiring rockstar to successful painting contractor, discussing challenges and lessons learned.

(06:33) Starting a Painting Business in California

Ron shares his experience starting a painting business in California, focusing on commercial projects and learning about running a successful business.

(10:54) The Evolution of a Painting Business

Ron shares his journey, employee model, revenue projections, and adaptability in the changing market.

(23:41) Growing a Business and Overcoming Weaknesses

Ron Rice shares his painting business goals, reliance on team, use of technology, and plans for growth through hiring and revenue.

Transformation of Business Through Coaching

Ron shares his journey of starting a successful painting business with guidance from Scott and C4C, emphasizing systems, client communication, and sales.

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  • (07:21) - Starting a Painting Business in California
  • (11:42) - The Evolution of a Painting Business
  • (24:28) - Growing a Business and Overcoming Weaknesses
  • (39:06) - Transformation of Business Through Coaching
From Rockstar Aspirations to Painting Success // The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ron Rice
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